Patient Education and Resources

Patient Education:

There are many resources available to those diagnosed with Adrenal cancer:

from the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center

National Organizations

  • Draped in Health, Wellness and Love
    this web site is a partnership between the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center's Endocrine Oncology Program, the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund and Draper Therapies to raise awareness and support for endocrine diseases
  • Collaboration is Key to Treating Uncommon Cancers [PDF]
    This article is from CancerSCOPE and features Gary Hammer, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the University of Michigan's Endocrine Oncology Program.
  • Video

  • Information Television Network's series, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
    featured adrenal cancer and the work of Gary Hammer, M.D., and the Endocrine Oncology team. Please visit the Healthy Body Healthy Mind website to watch the adrenal cancer video segment
  • Audio Files / Podcasts

  • Adrenal Cancer and Other Rare Cancers
    Gary Hammer, Director of the Endocrine Oncology Program, discusses adrenal cancer. This is Program #686 and aired on 3/29/2009
  • Doctor/Patient Q&A session
    from the 2008 Adrenal Cancer Symposium, this session was hosted by the University of Michigan and featured U-M faculty members: Gary Hammer, Jerry Doherty, Tom Giordano, Ed Schteingart; along with Tito Fojo of the National Cancer Institute and Alex Phan of MD Anderson.
  • Rare Cancers & Unusual Clinical Situations, with a special feature on Adrenal Cancers.
    Features Gary Hammer, Director, Endocrine Oncology Program.
  • The web site hosting these podcasts is Vital Options International
    a not-for-profit cancer communications, support, and advocacy organization with a mission, to facilitate a global cancer dialogue.

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