Resources for Patients

There are many resources available to those diagnosed with Bladder cancer:

from the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center

Bladder Cancer Information Guide [pdf]
Provides a lists of resources, from books and video, to web sites and newsletters.

Bladder Cancer Support Group [pdf]

Patient Support Services Program

At diagnosis

During Cancer Treatment

Survivorship - After Treatment

Advanced Cancer

Learn about Clinical Trials

Introducation to Clinical Trials

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

More information from our blog, mCancerTalk:

Bladder cancer and smoking
Smoking is the number one risk factor for bladder cancer

Bladder reconstruction with a neobladder
Urologist Cheryl Lee explains this option for urinary diversion

Software for analyzing digital pathology images proving its usefulness
New technology improves diagnosis of certain bladder cancers

Ten Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Bladder.

National Organizations

The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN)
Provides education and information including bladder cancer facts, research news and information about support services for patients and families.

Bladder Cancer information from the American Cancer Society.

On-Line Discussion Group