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Spring, 2014

Looking for help for Heather Kornick

Helen Kornick's search for treatment of her daughter's adrenal cancer resulted in the establishment of a research fund to insure no one ever is told there are no more options.

Director Message - Spring, 2014

Max Wicha, M.D., Director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center welcomes readers to the Spring, 2014 issue of MCancerNews.

Collaboration Yields New Potential Options for Attacking Stem Cells in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

New research from the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgia Regents University finds that a protein that fuels an inflammatory pathway does not turn off in breast cancer, resulting in an increase in cancer stem cells. This provides a potential target for treating triple negative breast cancer, the most aggressive form of the disease.

Gene-based cancer diagnosis tech wins innovation contest

Three University of Michigan pathologists have developed software that could improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. Their recent discovery led to their winning a statewide entrepreneurship competition organized by the U-M Center for Entrepreneurship at Michigan Engineering.