Cancer Patient & Family Advisors

Patient- and family-centered care means working with patients and families, rather than just doing it to or for them. Patients, families and the entire healthcare team collaborate to improve the experience of care and enhance quality, safety and efficiency for all.

The University of Michigan Health System Cancer Center Patient and Family Advisory Board was created in 2012 to act as an advisory resource committee to the administration, faculty and staff of the cancer program throughout University of Michigan Health System and Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Our mission

To ensure the delivery of exemplary patient- and family-centered care in the adult cancer areas of the University of Michigan Health System and Comprehensive Cancer Center through an active partnership of patients, families, health care providers and the community.

Our Accomplishments
  • Congressional briefing on cancer research funding
  • Distress Screening Task Force to assess patient and family satisfaction
  • Inpatient leadership rounds
  • Planning committees for the proposed North Campus Outpatient Cancer Center
  • Cancer Center Director search interviews
  • Ongoing reviews of patient education materials
  • Advisory participation in Cancer Center education panels, Infusion Workflow project, 8A Unit Committee, clinical trials focus group, Patient Family Centered Care Coordinating Council and Hospital and Patient Board, among others

Who is the Patient Family Advisory Board:

We are a partnership of the University of Michigan Health System's patients, families, health care professionals, and community members who understand what it's like to be treated for cancer. We are committed to putting our patients and their families at the center of everything we do. By sharing experiences about our care, we can help ensure that exceptional care is delivered to all of our patients and their families.

How do we work?

We're an advisory board that provides input to the faculty, staff and administration of the cancer program throughout the University of Michigan Health System and Comprehensive Cancer Center on decisions and plans that affect cancer patients and their families.

The board has established four standing committees to address the areas that most impact patient and family care and satisfaction:

  • Communication
  • Improving Outpatient Care
  • Improving Inpatient Care
  • Patient & Family Support and Education

Committee membership is open to all cancer patients and family members and is not limited to board members.


Patients and their family members have an essential role in guiding the work we do at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and throughout the University of Michigan Health System. Through a partnership with Cancer Center faculty, staff and patient advisory board members will promote excellence in cancer and family centered care.

More Information

If you have questions or comments about the Patient & Family Advisory Board, OR if you think it's right for you, please contact Donna Murphy, director of Patient & Family Support Services, at

Patient & Family Advisory Board Documents and Forms

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updated 05.2015