Cancer Patient & Family Advisors: Board Members

Billie Kops Wimmer, Patient/Family Co-Chair

Diane Drago
Acting Secretary

Patricia Crean

Michele Mitchell

Donna Murphy
Staff Co-Chair

Sarah Tupica Berard

Rosemary Berardi

Suzanne Bosek

Grace Boxer, M.D.

Jan Cooper

Dwight Finley, E-Advisor

Ann Fitzsimons

Laura Galunas

Mike Harrison

Raj Jayaraman

Norma Koerbert

Barbara Lunarde, E-Advisor

Anne Marshall

Melonie Mitchell

Karen Pitton

Cristina Reed, E-Advisor

Sandy Reoma

Angela Schmidt, E-Advisor

Carolyn Sirian

Sandy Hackett, Patient Family Support Services Office Manager

Melissa Dymond, Patient Education Projects Coordinator

Lisa Schneider, Patient Education Manager

Scott Wood, Chief Administrative Officer

Mary McCully, CVA, Volunteer Coordinator

Marcy Waldinger, Emeritus

If you have questions or comments for the Patient & Family Advisory Board, please send them a message using email:

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updated 06.2015