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More People Are Surviving Cancer

More people are surviving cancer.

Over the past 30 years -- and through hundreds of clinical trials -- we've discovered better treatments so there's less chance of cancer coming back. With the help of clinical trials, we've also learned better methods of detecting cancer -- catching it earlier, when we have the best chance of curing it.

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image of human KRAS protein

U-M researchers develop new strategy for attacking aggressive cancer mutation
Mutation of the KRAS gene drives up to 30% of all human cancers, and is especially prevalent among aggressive and hard-to-treat forms -- like pancreatic, colon and lung cancers. For decades, researchers have tried to develop drugs to shut down the mutated gene, but a lack of success by pharmaceutical, biotech and academic laboratories has earned this cancer mutation a reputation for being "undruggable."

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03.25.14 - 25% of breast cancer survivors report financial decline due to treatment
03.03.14 - Female doctors spend more time than male doctors on parenting, household tasks, study finds
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04.26 - FREE Throat Cancer Screening

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