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Caregivers and Family

Learning to Talk

8 Tips for Coping with Social Pleasantries in a Difficult Time

All in the Family

Families Facing Cancer program helps children adjust to a parent's cancer diagnosis

Focusing on the Caregiver

U-M research offers insight into helping caregivers cope

When Mom Has Cancer

Helping children cope with a parent's cancer diagnosis

Care for the Caregiver

When Carol Rugg was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, her fiancé Richard Montmorency thought they'd gotten the "in sickness" part of their marriage out of the way early. Rugg fought the disease with Montmorency as her caregiver, an experience they did not expect to repeat as the years passed with no recurrence.

Up and Down the Family Tree

Paula Wishart is a cancer dodger. Thanks to the University of Michigan Cancer Genetics Clinic, she was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome, a hereditary condition that greatly increases the chances of developing colon and other cancers earlier in life than what’s considered typical.

A New Kind of Support

U-M Cancer Center develops program with Cancer Support Community to help patients and caregivers cope

A Reason to Celebrate

Seven ways to simplify the holidays.

Blogging Through It

Patients, families use blogs to cope with cancer

Caring For Your Own

The Cancer Center Education Center empowers families to be partners in cancer treatment