Soy Benefit or Risk?

by Danielle Karsies, Pharm.D. and Emilly Mackler, Pharm.D.

Some laboratory studies suggest eating soy may increase breast cancer risk for some women, but other studies show eating soy from an early age may protect against breast cancer. So what's a woman to do?

For most people, eating about two to three servings per day of soy foods -- such as soymilk or tofu-is safe, according to pharmacist Emily Mackler and registered dietitian Danielle Karsies, both of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's Symptom Management & Supportive Care Program. However, for some women -- particularly those with hormone-receptor-positive breast tumors and those receiving tamoxifen therapy -- the issue is more complicated.

To learn more about soy, watch the videocast with Mackler and Karsies (below).

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Thrive Issue: 
Summer, 2011