Mind, Body and Side Effects

Bone Deep

Bone health may be of particular concern for cancer survivors. People with breast or prostate cancer who undergo treatments that block specific hormones may be at higher risk of thinning bones. Also, certain chemotherapy drugs used to treat these or other cancers may induce ovarian failure in younger women, causing bones to thin as a result of early menopause and estrogen deprivation. In addition, steroids may also accelerate bone loss in both men and women.

One Stitch at a Time

Using art to find meaning in survivorship

Healing Strokes

Group art therapy classes offer inspiration, tranquility

Cancer-Related Fatigue

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer-related fatigue is the most common side effect of cancer and cancer treatment. Fatigue is feeling tired - physically, mentally, and emotionally. It means having less energy to do the things you normally do or want to do. In people with cancer, it can be caused by the cancer itself, cancer treatment, and other factors.

Bald and Beautiful

Our experts offer tips for feeling good about your appearance during treatment.

Means to a Better End

Research shows supportive care may extend and improve life for people with advanced cancer

To Catch a Thief

Why you should address pain -- before it robs you blind

Making the Most of It

New symptom management program helps patients get back to their lives

Preserving the Future

Sperm banking offers fertility protection for men facing cancer treatment