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Practical Matters

Perking up the PERC

The Cancer Center's Patient Education Resource Center gives patients easy access to our complete library of all things cancer. And now, thanks to a major renovation, the PERC has a new and improved location and more up-to-date information than ever. Conveniently located on level B2 of the Cancer Center, next to blood draw, the PERC is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to all patients and family members.

What Does Health Care Reform Mean for our Patients?

A new era in American health care has arrived: a time when everyone can get affordable health insurance coverage, no matter what your health history. Your cancer diagnosis cannot prevent you from getting insurance and, in fact, you might even have options to think about that cost less.

Squaring up with the IRS

Tax expert, Jim Palazzolo of Ann Arbor, provides information on medical expense deductions to assist you during tax time.

Start Stopping

We talked with the Tobacco Consultation Services for U-M's M-Healthy Program, about kicking the addiction. The average smoker makes nine to 11 quit attempts before becoming an ex-smoker. It’s important to realize you’re not weak if you’ve tried a couple times and haven’t been successful. Nicotine is a real addiction; staying off it requires management similar to any chronic disease. The only failure in quitting smoking is when a person quits trying to quit.

Working Through It

About 40 percent of the 1 million Americans diagnosed each year with cancer are of working age, according to Breakaway from Cancer, a joint initiative of the Wellness Community, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and the pharmaceutical company Amgen. Recently, Breakaway from Cancer conducted a survey of 1,000 patients and caregivers about the impact of cancer on their work. Slightly more than two-thirds of respondents reported that their jobs helped them maintain emotional stability.

Learn to Shuffle

Cancer Center lends iPods, instruction

Creating Home Away From Home

10 tips for finding comfort when visiting Ann Arbor for treatment

Language of Cancer

A mini-dictionary of terms relating to cancer

Travel Savvy

Eleven Tips for Traveling with Cancer

Paying for Cancer

One couple finds U-M financial resources for cancer-related expenses during hard times