Practical Matters

The Fine Line of FDA Approval

What it takes for new drugs to be tested and reach patients

Online Makes it Easy to Connect

Secure Patient Portal Lets You Access Your Health Information

Surfing for Answers

Our medical librarian selects best online cancer resources so you don't have to

Supply and Demand

U-M pharmacists, doctors collaborate to ensure patients get drugs they need, despite shortages

Handling the Logistics

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's Practical Assistance Center offers patients practical resources.

QR Codes 101

Unlocking the mysterious black squares

Peace of Mind

10 steps to cope with the financial impact of cancer.

Tips for Hard Times

When the Health Care Crisis Gets Personal

Identifying a Doctor and Facility When You Have Cancer

Diane Simeone, M.D., director of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Program provides insight for patients looking for a cancer treatment.

On Your Own

Facing the challenges of cancer while living alone