Sharing Hope

Sometimes, the only people who really understand are those who have had cancer touch their lives

Leading Information

New consumer health web site launches for cancer patients

Cancer Video On Demand Launches Online Multimedia Library

Sharing Support

A story of friendship as a pair of cancer patients help each other heal

Caring for Your Spirit

Deacon Wayne Charlton offers conversation, prayer to Cancer Center patients

Hopeful Quotes

Inspirational words, thoughts, pictures and videos from cancer survivors and others who have gone through challenging and life-altering circumstances.

Form and Function

Curing Head and Neck Cancer is Only Part of the Challenge

Take a Mental Vacation

Our guide to the best in distractions

Tap into the Power of Social Networking

Social networking can be a helpful tool in organizing assistance when you're dealing with a cancer diagnosis.


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Profile in Survival: Lester Nicols

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Lester Nicols credits family and spiritual encouragement with helping him cope with his diagnosis.