Articles for those who have completed their cancer treatment.

Life After Treatment

Although Suzanne Bosek was happy to finish her treatment for breast cancer, she felt unexpectedly sad and lost when the daily connection she'd had with her medical team came to an end. In addition, she had a persistent fear of her cancer coming back.

The Gift of Survivorship

This June 1 marks the Cancer Center’s 20th annual Cancer Survivors' Celebration at the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College. Survivorship means different things to different people. Whether you view it as life after you are diagnosed with cancer, life after you are cancer-free or life after a loved one is diagnosed, all are welcome at the Survivors' Celebration.

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

One Cancer Center patient's story of treatment success when advances in care led to a new option for patients with metastatic stomach cancer: Patient Randy Hillard is happier than he's ever been after a new treatment option led to no evidence of stomach cancer for months, then years.

Time to Heal

After Sean Dush finished the treatment for his ALL, he had a decision to make. His treatment protocol for ALL included maintenance therapy for three years to give him the best chance of being cured. But with long-term treatment comes long-term side effects.