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Articles for those who have completed their cancer treatment.

Reframing the Picture

U-M expert discusses ways to reconsider survivors' guilt

Restoring Intimacy

Prostate Cancer Survivorship program helps men maintain sexual health

Life, Interrupted

Facing cancer in the prime of youth. Valeria Delekta, Toni Spano-English and Jason Zao all experienced a cancer diagnosis at a time when their expectations were to go out and get their lives started. Valerie had just begun to work as an elementary music teacher -- and relocated to Atlanta. For Toni, cancer took a serious toll on her relationships, leaving her feeling isolated. All Jason wanted to do was graduate from high school with honors and then go on to do the same at the university of his choosing. His brain tumor forced a few adjustments to his plans.

On the Other Side of Cancer

Survivors talk about the challenges of life after cancer

Growing Pains

Jarred Duncan and Laura Selecki don't remember much about what it was like to have cancer. Duncan was diagnosed when he was 10 months old with a Wilms tumor; Selecki was a little older than 2 when doctors told her family she had rhabdomyosarcoma. Now the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center is helping them learn about what they don't remember-and how it will affect them as they grow older.

Now What?

Our experts talk about the transition from patient to survivor