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Fall, 2011

The culture of medicine has changed: Gone are the days when doctors dispensed treatment with a paternalistic air. As medicine has advanced, patients have more choices about how they can approach their care. Combined with the vast amount of health information available on the Internet, patients are educating themselves and partnering with their physicians to make informed medical decisions.

Links to resources outside the cancer center which provide education on taking charge of your medical care.

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's Practical Assistance Center offers patients practical resources.

U-M's Breast Cancer Advisory & Advocacy Committee members work to improve care for future survivors

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center offers resources on becoming a health advocate.

U-M Cancer Center develops program with Cancer Support Community to help patients and caregivers cope

Taking control of eating problems with tube feeding

Larry Stone is back to playing the guitar after the U-M Symptom Management & Supportive Care Clinic helped him find relief from pain and numbness.

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's Symptom Management and Supportive Care Program offers tips on how to keep track of medication.