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Date: 05/19/2014
A new analysis projects that pancreatic cancer will be the second-leading cause of cancer death in the United States by 2030, behind lung cancer.
Date: 05/08/2014
A subset of immune cells directly target colon cancers, rather than the immune system, giving the cells the aggressive properties of cancer stem cells. The researchers are now looking at potential drugs that might target this process directly.
Date: 04/28/2014
Researchers surveyed woman in Detroit and Los Angeles who had been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. They narrowed their sample to the 746 women who reported working at the time they were diagnosed. Participants were surveyed about nine months after diagnosis, and then given a follow-up survey about four years later.
Date: 04/23/2014
Prostate cancer becomes deadly when anti-hormone treatments stop working. Now a new study suggests a way to block the hormones at their entrance. Researchers from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that a protein called BET bromodomain protein 4 binds to the hormone androgen receptor downstream of where current therapies work – targeting androgen receptor signaling.
Date: 04/08/2014
This is a chance for Maize and Blue fans to get inside Michigan Football like never before. The Michigan Men's Football Experience is a two-day event, June 4-5, championed by Michigan Football Coach Brady Hoke and his coaching staff to benefit the Men of Michigan Prostate Cancer Research Fund at the University of Michigan.
Date: 04/04/2014
Learn about breast cancer risks (and how you can reduce yours), as well as screening, treatment and the latest research at a free Breast Cancer Summit on Saturday, April 12.
Date: 03/25/2014
Four years after being treated for breast cancer, a quarter of survivors say they are worse off financially, at least partly because of their treatment, according to a new study led by University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers.
Date: 03/21/2014
Shaomeng Wang has been selected to receive the Distinguished University Innovator Award for 2014. Sponsored by the Office of Research, the award honors faculty who have made important and lasting contributions to society by developing novel ideas and insights through their research, and then translating them to practice.
Date: 03/03/2014
A new study, authored by Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil., associate professor of radiation oncology, finds gender differences in parenting and household labor persist among a group of highly motivated physician-researchers in the early stages of their career. The finding could shed light on why female academic physicians in general do not have the same career success as their male colleagues.
Date: 02/18/2014
Researchers found that a majority of women who undergo mastectomy for breast cancer go on to get breast reconstruction, with rates rising dramatically over time. There are still geographic variations, and women who also have radiation tend to have lower rates of reconstruction.