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Date: 09/05/2013
Imaging technique tells tumor tissue from normal tissue, could be used in operating room for real-time guidance of surgeryWritten by Kara Gavin; contact via email or at 734-764-2220.
Date: 09/05/2013
A new study from researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found that these cells, called myeloid derived suppressor cells, provide a niche where the cancer stem cells survive.
Date: 08/16/2013
Xofigo, a newly approved treatment for advanced prostate cancer, delivers a powerful punch of radiation directly to tumor cells that have invaded the bone.
Date: 08/15/2013
Despite taking a tailored risk assessment tool that factors in family history and personal habits, nearly 20 percent of women did not believe their breast cancer risk, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Date: 08/02/2013
Many of breast cancer patients will receive aggressive treatments that could have little to no effect on their survival.
Date: 08/02/2013
Results from research at the University of Michigan indicate that if mice have healthy gastrointestinal tract, the chances of surviving high doses of chemotherapy increase.
Date: 08/01/2013
Experts call for more support for tumor biomarker tests; fixing a vicious cycle will lead to tests that better predict treatment successWritten by Nicole Fawcett
Date: 07/24/2013
A new, high-risk prostate cancer clinic is available at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center for men with fast-growing prostate cancer.
Date: 07/23/2013
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, a company started at the University of Michigan in 2004, raised $82 million in an initial public offering.
Date: 07/08/2013
Certain chronic conditions for which urology practices are well-suited, and in some cases, better equipped, to carry out medical home functions compared to their primary care counterparts, according to a new study led by researchers from the University of Michigan.