Population Sciences

Population Sciences Programs 2011-2016 NCI Core Grant

Bhramar Mukherjee, Ph.D., is the associate director for population science research.

Population Sciences has two sub-fields of inquiry:

Population Sciences has three key areas of focus:

    1. Catchment Area and Disparities
    This includes efforts by Ken Resnicow, Ph.D. and others to define our catchment area and understand the population we serve. This knowledge will help us address issues of cancer disparity, including disparities based on factors such as race, socioeconomic status, rural vs. urban, or sexual orientation.

    We're reaching out to other area cancer centers to create a platform for regional collaboration and information sharing. We can learn from what others are doing and contribute to statewide efforts in cancer control and prevention.

    We'll fund pilot projects in this area and will launch a focused program-wide project to address one area of disparity.

    Jennifer Griggs, M.D., Ph.D., Sofia Merajver, M.D., Ph.D. and Ken Resnicow, Ph.D. will help guide our strategic efforts in this area. All of them have contributed significant research on disparities in Michigan and globally.

    2. Career development
    Mentoring and career development are crucial. Our junior faculty members have some of the best ideas, talent and energy. We want to harness that and support their growth.

    Our focus will be on faculty transitioning from assistant to associate professor. Chris Friese, Ph.D., Megan Haymart, M.D. and Rafael Meza, Ph.D. have recently made or are approaching this transition. They know what's needed to be successful, making them ideal leaders for this initiative.

    We have started with bimonthly luncheons for junior faculty to network and share ideas. They present their research and can seek guidance and suggestions around their challenges. We hope this will be a valuable way to help our junior faculty make connections, and feel well-supported and integrated.

    3. C-Cubed: Cancer Care and Control
    This project is about building intra-program interaction. We want to get people working together who have not collaborated before, bringing different ways of thinking to bear on a cancer-related problem in population research. It's modeled after the university's MCubed program.

    Laura Rozek, Ph.D., Nancy Janz, Ph.D. and Rafael Meza, Ph.D. have drafted an RFP to fund multiple pilot grants of $50,000 each.

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