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Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE)

Through the Translational Research Program, the National Cancer Institute brings together the experience and expertise of research scientists from across the nation to collaborate in interdisciplinary translational research. This collaborative research effort, called Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE), is a type of research grant awarded by the National Cancer Institute, concentrating on specific cancer types.

Focusing research on prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of the individual cancers, together the SPORE teams are making significant progress to reduce the incidence and mortality by cancer type as well as improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients.

University of Michigan Awarded SPORE Grants

Due to excellence in research and a strong history of collaboration in translating discovery to clinical applications, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has been awarded three SPORE grants:

Common Pathway of Cancers

Within each SPORE grant, research scientists and work together to determine a common pathway that ties together the various cancers within a specific organ site or group of highly related cancers. Identifying these themes of cancer types can then expedite the translation or movement of basic scientific findings into the clinical settings to help patients most efficiently. In addition, through observational research, the SPORE teams work to determine the individual or population based biological factors that affect the incidence and progression of these cancers.