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Shared Resources

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC) collection of shared resources (i.e., core facilities) provide UMCCC members with access to and support from state-of-the-art technologies and services, along with in-depth technical and scientific expertise, allowing UMCCC members to substantially advance their research on cancer.

Biostatistics Analytics & Bioinformatics
Supports scientific research in Basic, Population and Clinical Sciences. Expertise in analysis of longitudinal and survival data, clinical trial design >>>

Cell & Tissue Imaging
Provides a centralized service focusing mainly on studies of cell & tissue morphology and ultrastructure. Includes state-of-the-art equipment >>>

Experimental Irradiation
Supports studies in the radiation biology of moderate dose rate irradiation of cell cultures & small animals. Provides services for investigators whose primary >>>
Study molecular ADME and Pharmacokinetics (PKs) of drugs with three objectives: 1. support preclinical PKs, drug metabolism, LC-MS analysis for lead >>>
Flow Cytometry
A resource for clinical and basic science research investigators using state of the art flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting. Provides consultation >>>
Tissue & Molecular Pathology
Consists of several complimentary services, all relating to the procurement and evaluation of tissue for research. Tissue Procurement Service, Histology >>>
Health Communications
Provides state-of-the-science support to research studies requiring targeted & tailored communications across the continuum of cancer care >>>
Transgenic Animal Models
This Core works with investigators to generate genetically modified animal models to increase our understanding of human diseases >>>
Immune Monitoring
This Core provides the immunologic and biological support for ongoing research projects and clinical trials at the Cancer Center and the biomedical >>>
Preclinical Imaging and Computational Analysis
The Center for Molecular Imaging is a state-of-the-art facility aimed at providing the research community with the latest imaging instruments >>>
Structure and Drug Screening
Offers UMCCC members the requisite expertise and resources to successfully advance their basic research into a clinically relevant, milestone-driven drug discovery project by providing high throughput screening >>>

Other helpful resources for researchers:

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