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Experimental Irradiation

Director: Mats Ljungman, Ph.D.

Manager: David Karnak, Ph.D.

Location: 4310 Med Sci I, D714 BSRB, B026-G11N NCRC
Phone: 764-3324

This facility is equipped to perform moderate dose rate gamma irradiation (0.1-4 Gy/min) of cell cultures, tissue specimens, or animals as well as low dose rate irradiation (0.05-0.3 Gy/hr) of cell cultures.

The specific goals of the Irradiation Core are to:

i. Support studies in the radiation biology of moderate dose rate irradiation of cell cultures and small animals, such as mice, rats, and rabbits.

ii. Permit the study of low dose rate irradiation in cell culture.

iii. Provide irradiation services for investigators whose primary interests are not in radiation biology, but who need this tool in support of other efforts (for example, immunosuppression of animals prior to stem cell transplantation through total body irradiation).

iv. Facilitate study of the cellular responses to DNA damage utilizing laser microirradiation as a tool.