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Structure and Drug Screening

Project-Specific Entry Points for Structure and Drug Screening Resources

The Structure and Drug Screening Shared Resource at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center offers members the research project-specific entry points for screening, structure and medicinal chemistry.

Our team has the requisite expertise and resources to successfully advance basic research into a clinically relevant, milestone-driven drug discovery project by providing:

  • High throughput screening using large chemical libraries
  • HTS informatics
  • High throughput gene cloning and protein expression, structural biology and medicinal chemistry

Mission of Structure and Drug Screening Team

Our team has a strong mission to support and enhance cancer research projects through collaborative efforts. Our goals include:

  • Support early stage, cancer research discovery projects in structural biology, target discovery, small molecule screening and medicinal chemistry using unique technical expertise and specialized equipment.
  • Support enhanced pre-clinical efforts to develop compounds and compound classes that show considerable promise and potential in early stage research efforts.

Contact Us about Structure and Drug Screening Shared Resource Services

If you have questions about services related to structure and drug screening through the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Shared Resources or need assistance with research efforts, please contact our team.

Structure and Drug Screening Shared Resource

Director: Vincent Groppi, Ph.D.

Martha Larsen, M.S., HTS and Cheminformatics, Center for Chemical Genomics
William Clay Brown, Ph.D., HT Cloning and Expression, Center for Structural Biology
Jeanne Stuckey, Ph.D., Center for Structural Biology
Andrew White, Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy
Ashley Schork, Project Manager

Location: Life Sciences Institute and College of Pharmacy
Phone: 734-647-8098

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