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Preclinical Imaging and Computational Analysis

Director (Animal): Craig Galban, Ph.D.

Preclinical Location: BSRB Level D
Phone: 615-3009 (Contact: Amanda Fair)
Clinical Location: UMHS Level B2
Phone: 763-5692

Preclinical and Clinical Services:

  1. MRI & MRS
    1. Monitoring Tumor Volume, Water Diffusivity, Tumor Blood Volume and Flow
    2. Metabolic Activity

  2. PET, SPECT & CT
    1. Metabolic Activity, Cell Proliferation, Tumor Detection
    2. Anatomical Features

  3. Additional Preclinical Services:
    1. Bioluminescence & Fluorescence Imaging
      1. Quantitative Assessment of In-Vivo Tumor Cell Function