There are a number of resources available to support those diagnosed with sarcoma.

Sarcoma News and Information from the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sarcoma Awareness

Sarcoma Information Guide [pdf]
provides lists of resources, from books and video, to web sites and newsletters.

Patient Support Services

At Diagnosis

During Cancer Treatment

Survivorship - After Treatment

Advanced Cancer

Articles about sarcoma from our blog mCancerTalk

Sarcomas: a whole family of cancers

Sarcoma: Seeking Care for a Rare Cancer

Understanding Childhood Cancers and How Genetics Could be Involved

On-Line Discussion Groups:

Sarcoma is the e-mail discussion group for sarcoma patients and families, hosted by the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR).

Patient Support Organizations

Sarcoma Alliance
Tel. 415-381-7236

The Life Raft Group (for GIST patients)
Tel. 973-837-9092

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