Melanoma Patient Resources and Education

Patient Education

Melanoma Surgery Handbook

NCCN Guidelines for Patients® - Melanoma

Patient Stories

Repairing the nose after skin cancer in just one step

Melanoma Information and Resources

Melanoma Information Guide
provides lists of resources, from books and video, to web sites and newsletters. [pdf]

information on how to download and use a free skin checking application developed for the iPhone and the iPad.

Melanoma and Genetics

In some cases, melanoma has been found occurring within families. Talk to your doctor about this, read our article, Skin Cancer and Genetics: More Than Meets the Eye or visit Cancer Genetics Clinic.

On-Line Discussion / Support Groups:

MEL-L is an e-mail discussion group for melanoma patients and families, hosted by the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR).

National Organizations

Melanoma International Foundation
Tel. 866-463-6663

During Cancer Treatment - a list of patient support services available to patients undergoing cancer treatment at the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Skin Cancer Awareness

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