The Journey and the Art of Chris Tapper

The Journey and the Art of Chris Tapper

The Journey
photos of two collage assemblies

January - March, 2014

The Journey: Collage Assemblies by the UMCCC Patient and Family Advisory Board

The art works in The Journey tell the stories of our personal experiences with cancer. Some are told by patients and others by family members. Our common bond is the work that we do as members of the Patient Family Advisory Board and our desire to make a difference for future patients and families of the UMCCC. We are thankful for this opportunity to share our journeys with you.

Learn more about the board by visiting the Cancer Patient & Family Advisors web page.


The Art of Chris Tapper

two examples of Chris Tapper's artwork; decorated keepsake boxes

Meet the Artist:

Diagnosed with an inoperable, aggressive from of prostate cancer in April of 2012, the doctors weren't sure if they could help me. Now after 43 rounds of radiation, almost two years of hormone therapy, countless amounts of pills, and emotional therapy, I am in remission.

Having to deal with the emotional rollercoaster, hot flashes, and various physical and mental issues, I could feel my old life slipping away and I felt myself becoming immobilized. Then I was introduced to art therapy and things began changing. Not only was it a form of expression, it became a type of meditation requiring imagination, focus, and an attitude of not judging myself or comparing what I do with others.



The Voices Art Gallery was made possible through a generous gift by the FRIENDS of the University Hospital. The Art Therapy Program is made possible by gifts to the Robert Bruce Dunlap Memorial Fund and the Helen and Sonya Fund at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

To Support the UMCCC Art Therapy Program visit our Make a Gift webpage or call 734-998-6893.

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