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Collection of legacy dolls
Another collection of legacy dolls

Legacy Dolls
This multi-media exhibit focuses on legacy dolls as containers and carriers of personal and cultural heritage.

April through June, 2013

Historically and cross culturally, dolls have been used not only as childrens playthings but also as objects of emotional, spiritual and moral values.

Some of the dolls in this exhibit were created at the bedside while a child or adult was undergoing a bone marrow transplant, or receiving chemotherapy. Others were created by nurses during their midnight shift break. A few were created by other cancer center employees and family members of patients.

These legacy dolls carry our stories and are filled with thoughts of identity and legacy, dreams, wishes, prayers, blessing and intentions. They provide a glimpse into the stories each person holds and offer understanding, awareness, insight and hope.

Legacy doll in white dress
A pair of legacy dolls

Exhibit Artists

Donna Allan
Galina Barinova
Alexandria Carie
Martha Davison
Katie DeLine
Jill GibbonsNykeenia Robinson
Sandra Hackett
Karen Harden
Jennifer Kelley
Cathy Kennicott
Carol Kristofik
Michelle Kruz
Sally Manning
Connor McCoy
Caitlyn McCoy
Cassidy McCoy
Dillon McCoy
Mark McCoy
Michelle McCoy
Riley McCoy
 Elizabeth McKay
Pam Medelis
Bonnie Miljour
Deontae Penn
Brianna Randell
Nykeenia Robinson
Ann Robins
Maya Sampat
Lucas Schau
Bryce Shores
Laura-Jean Siggens
Laura Swope
Rena Swopes
Marti Towas
Grace Williams
Sue Wintermeyer-Pingel
Michelle Yousif

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