Voices Art Gallery Archive - Nature's Healing Art

Nature's Healing Art
A Retrospective by Nadine Perry

July through August, 2013

Nature has always sustained me through difficult times of my life. My mother remembered climbing under the rail fence coming home from her country school and seeing big violets. During the depression we went to Aunt Boni's woods to pick wildflowers (Bad!) for entertainment. Then they were profuse. No doubt that's where the showy orchid came from which I painted while in high school and it was a time when I made wax mushrooms for display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

image of Coreopsis flower and image of flowers called Goats Rule
Coreopsis (right) and Goats Rule

As I progressed through life's ups and downs, my pleasure was in nature - especially around wild flowers. The art you see here was mostly drawn or painted in the field with the warm sun on me, birds singing and aromas of the woods around me. The art work is original from the actual plant. I often feel I should be prayerfully on my knees in worship when I view plant structure - beautiful entwining shapes and subtle colors. Especially the architecture of the pitcher plant, with its beauty used to entice insects to be trapped in its stomach like leaves. God's creation we imitate in cathedrals. I show my work to urge you to respect our native plants. Let them grow - not mow. Let them bloom rather than pick. Let them stay in their special select environment of light, warmth, moisture, soil.

Enjoy- they will enrich your life.

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