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Voices Art Gallery: Current Show

Life Images: Documentary Photography by Stephanie Prechter

On display: May through July, 2017

image of waves rolling to the shore at sunset
Surfing in Okinawa by Stephanie Prechter


black and white image of the gloved hand of a care provider holding the hand of their patient
Doublecheck by Stephanie Prechter

black and white image of a hand raised and clenched into a fist
Fightsong by Stephanie Prechter

About Stephanie Prechter

As a Washtenaw Community College Life Images intern, I worked with the Complementary Therapies team to share photography as a means for creative expression.

Throughout the year, I developed a profound sense of respect for the cancer experience and all of those touched by it. Working with a variety of patients in a spectrum of settings at the Cancer Center, with photography as my medium, my compassion for the human spirit was deepened.

I consider myself to be a visual storyteller; someone who aspires to share the beauty of image with others, encourages exploration, and offers a space for newfound appreciation.

Photography and the arts has the power to transcend us into healing and connection. My understanding of that truth is exponentially stronger thanks to all of those working on behalf of those living with cancer.


Every hand takes part.

Choosing the theme of HANDS as the focus is a mindful approach to the traditional portrait; revealing emotion and intention in a subtle, yet intimate way. These images garner a greater appreciation for the everyday Life Images at the Cancer Center.

Those moments when he was gazing at my photographs . . . I imagined his mind anywhere, but in that hospital room. I think that's what this is mostly about: the transportation of it all and the healing therein.

~Stephanie Prechter


Sharing a connection through image.

Early on in this experience, I decided to share postcard-sized images with patients and their families. Our visits included talks about photography and a glance through my photos.

It was fascinating for me to see which images resonated and to hear the reasons behind the attraction. Most often the images evoked memories, which then inspired the title. This served as a doorway to engaged conversation and a way for me to connect and give back.

Special thanks to Peter Carpenter (Music Therapist) and Melinda Hallenbeck-Kostecky (Art Therapist) for their support and guidance throughout the year. Your work is an inspiration!

The Voices Art Gallery is located on level B1 of the Cancer Center Building.
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The Voices Art Gallery is offered by the Cancer Center Art Therapy Program and is made possible by gifts to the Helen and Sonya Fund and the Cancer Center Art Therapy Program. Program supplies are generously supported by the Robert by the Robert Bruce Dunlap Memorial Fund.

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