Voices Art Gallery: Current Show

Dreams in the Midst of a Nightmare by Carol Collins and
A Lighthearted Look at Life by David L. Smith

April through June, 2015

The Gallery Opening Event for this show takes place on Monday, April 13 in the Voices Art Gallery at 5:00pm.
image of a photo collage
Heaven Can Wait
Carol Collins

The Voices Art Gallery is located on level B1 of the Cancer Center Building.

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Meet Carol Collins

I created the "Dreams in the Midst of a Nightmare" photo collage series while under chemotherapy and radiation treatment after a modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer. The cancer treatments are damaging to the body, mind, and soul. The emotional turmoil from loss of a body part and one's youthful vigor is difficult to fathom unless one has experienced it themselves. I chose to create even while I was sick so the year would not solely be about suffering.

As a Santa Clara, California native and a former high-tech manager, Carol Collins' artistic perspective emanates from the ever-changing culture of Silicon Valley and experiences as a Chinese-American woman. Her eclectic education includes a B.S. in Chemistry, an MBA, Studio Art, Art History, a 25-year kung fu discipleship to Sifu Wing Lam, multiple trips through Europe on the back of a motorcycle, and a current battle with an aggressive breast cancer.

image of a poster
created by David L. Smith

Meet David L. Smith

As most of us have observed, life is full of challenges and opportunities. Our task, apparently, is to focus our attention on the opportunity that every challenge gives us for learning the deeper lessons in life. These challenges range from health, disability, aging, economic, and other issues too numerous to mention. A recent challenge for me has been my dear wife’s third bout with cancer, wonderfully addressed at this precious Cancer Center. As I have struggled with these challenges, various perspectives have helped increase my understanding and lighten the heavy burden. These have included philosophical and spiritual reflections and the practice of art and humor, as expressed in this exhibit.

The more photos I took over the years the more I began to see an appeal for capturing the humorous juxtaposition of elements in certain images. This creative process has helped lighten the burden of life’s recent challenges, as illustrated by the caption: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” The light-hearted view of life featured in this exhibit has the goals of enhancing our collective perspectives on life’s challenges, bringing smiles to our faces, and helping us strive to see the opportunities.

The Voices Art Gallery is offered by the Cancer Center Art Therapy Program and is made possible by gifts to the Helen and Sonya Fund and the Cancer Center Art Therapy Program. Program supplies are generously supported by the Robert Bruce Dunlap Memorial Fund.

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