Art Therapy

The Cancer Center's Art Therapy Program provides a therapeutic outlet for patients and their families utilizing art materials as a form of expression.

A board certified art therapist guides individuals in the creative process providing a wide assortment art supplies and projects. Research has proven that art making has a positive impact on pain management, depression, anxiety, and stress reduction. For centuries, art has served as a healing tool, fostering self-awareness and coping skills.

View the video to learn more about art therapy.

Read Cancer Center's Art Therapy Program Offers Relief Through Expression. Or, read Creative Control.

Art therapy is available at no charge in individual, family and group settings to any interested patient or family member, and the Cancer Center provides not only the know-how and guidance (no previous art experience is necessary), but the materials as well.

Art Studio Workshops

The power of the creative process involved in making art is healing, enjoyable, and life enriching. Join us in a supportive studio environment of art making and community that is led by an Art Therapist designed for curious, growing, and experienced artists.
  • These workshops are offered to cancer patients and their teen or adult guest at no charge
  • No prior art experience is necessary
  • All supplies

June 8th; 1:30 - 3:30 and June 22nd; 11:30am - 1:30pm: Connection Cards

Connection Cards are small pieces of art with an inspiring twist. These are cards you can create for yourself, trade with others, or give to someone as a gesture of kindness. Create a deck of cards with an inspiring message, tips for self-care, or reminders of strength. Write an message or quote; draw an image or symbol of hope, etc.

Location: Cancer Center Conference Room, Level B1; Room 286

Reserve a place in the art studio. Class size is limited. Please call 734-615-4012 and save your place today!

Appointments and/or Questions

Private art therapy sessions are available for UM Comprehensive Cancer Center patients. Contact 734-615-4012 for information on participating in individual therapy.


The Art Therapy Program is made possible by gifts to the Helen and Sonya Fund and the Cancer Center Art Therapy Program. Program supplies are generously supported by the Robert Bruce Dunlap Memorial Fund. Learn how you can help by visiting our Make a Gift web pages.

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