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Patient Navigation

What is Patient Navigation?

Patient Navigation is a new program at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. It is one of several components of the Oncology Care Model, a new payment model from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation emphasizing efficient, high quality care. Based on data collected through a Cancer Center needs assessment, non-clinical Patient Navigators are piloting the program with select high need disease groups. Once the pilot is complete, Patient Navigation will expand to other disease groups.

What do Patient Navigators do?

Patient Navigators communicate regularly with patients and their care team, coordinate appointments, make referrals to University and community-based resources, help with follow-up facilitation, empower patients, and more.

How do I Contact Patient Navigators?

Speak to your cancer doctor if you would like this service. Your doctor can make a referral via page or In Basket message to assigned Patient Navigators.

Who are the Patient Navigators?

    Multiple Myeloma and Sarcoma

    Jill Paladino: 734-232-5969; pager #35098

    Head and Neck Cancer

    Carolyn L. Graham: 734-232-5976; pager #35097


    Becky Mueller: 734-232-5963; pager #35041