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Tips for Healthy Holiday Cooking

Cancer Nutrition Services is pleased to offer easy cooking tips for a happy, healthy holiday season!

Please note: If you are in active cancer treatment and have problems keeping your weight up, please do not follow the low-fat suggestions.

  • Chicken broth and fresh herbs are a delicious butter/margarine substitute for vegetables. Toss the vegetables with sauce made from chicken broth and fresh herbs such as dill, basil, oregano, thyme, chives, lemon grass and rosemary. Just one of these fresh herbs can make a great difference in the finished dish. Add a little marmalade to the broth and you add sweetness and shine to your vegetables.
  • Sweeten winter squash with apple juice concentrate, light syrup, all fruit preserves or maple syrup. Season with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
  • Adding horseradish and/or garlic to mashed potatoes gives you a very rich flavor. Fresh basil and other herbs also add a gourmet touch to this old holiday classic. Chicken broth can also take the place of whole milk in mashed potatoes.
  • Cooking sweet potatoes in orange juice adds a natural sweetness and great flavor to these holiday favorites. Use a calcium fortified orange juice and you will add an important nutrient to this dish.
  • Use apple sauce or pumpkin puree as a tasty margarine or butter substitute for stuffings (reduce amount of water slightly).
  • Try using silken tofu in place of some or all the cream cheese in dip recipes. Silken tofu is low in saturated fat and adds a smooth creamy texture to dips. For a quick and easy dip recipe, use 1 cup silken tofu, 1 cup nonfat sourcream and teaspoon each: basil, oregano, thyme and garlic.

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