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Physical Therapy

Helps manage side effects of treatment, late effects and symptoms of advanced cancer

Physical therapy seeks to evaluate and treat disabilities using physical measures, including therapeutic exercise, mobility training, airway clearance techniques, use of assistive devices, and therapeutic exposure to to heat, cold, light, water and sound. Physical therapists (PTs) are licensed practitioners, qualified to evaluate patients and implement treatment programs. Their overall goal is to optimize the patient's physical mobility and function through treatment and education.

The U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center, in partnership with the U-M Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, has created the Cancer Rehabilitation Program. Pediatric inpatients and outpatients are treated at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital site. Adult and pediatric outpatients may also receive treatment at MedRehab, a satellite site in Ann Arbor.

To learn more, visit the Cancer Rehabilitation Program website or call 734-936-7175.

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