There are many resources available to those diagnosed with urologic cancers:

U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center

View the following Information Guides, providing lists of resources, from books and video, to web sites and newsletters:

Advanced Prostate Cancer Information Guide [PDF]

Bladder Cancer Information Guide [PDF]

Kidney Cancer Information Guide [PDF]

Prostate Cancer Information Guide [PDF]

Testicular Cancer Information Guide [PDF]

Patient Support Services

At Diagnosis

During Cancer Treatment

Survivorship - After Treatment

Advanced Cancer

Learn about Clinical Trials

Introducation to Clinical Trials

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Bladder Tumor / Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials

Kidney Cancer /Kidney Tumor Clinical Trials

Awareness Pages

Prostate Cancer Awareness

National Resources

NCCN Guidelines for Patients® - Prostate Cancer

Cancer Statistics and Facts

On-Line Discussion Groups

Bladder-Cancer-Cafe is the e-mail discussion group for Bladder Cancer patients

KID-ONC is the e-mail discussion group for Kidney Cancer patients

Prostate is the e-mail discussion group for Prostate Cancer patients

TC-Net is the e-mail discussion group for Testicular Cancer patients

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