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graphic representation of triple-negative breast cancer tumor cells

Tumor cells reprogram metabolic pathways in order to grow

Myeloid-derived suppressor cells live in the tumor microenvironment and work to block cancer immunity. They also encourage a stem cell-like growth that’s linked to more aggressive cancer. Patients with a lot of these suppressor cells typically have worse outcomes. Continue reading about tumor cells.

The Spring issue of THRIVE is online

William McCallum and Michael McCallum

Lights. Camera. Action.

William McCallum is living with stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer and it's far from easy to live with. Most days McCallum feels well enough not to think much about having cancer. Having put his faith in his doctors, he aims not to worry. Acting in films for Rebel Pictures -- with his son, Michael -- has been both a welcome distraction and a creative outlet.