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Brain Tumor Research

An important part of our mission is to advance our understanding of brain tumors through research.

Some research brain tumors involves basic laboratory research studying the nature of tumor cells and their response to treatment. Research of this type in the Neuro-oncology Program at the University of Michigan, at present or in recent years, addresses the following:

  • Abnormal genes that cause brain tumors
  • Abnormal "stem cells" in the brain that give rise to tumors
  • Actions of radiation -sensitizing drugs (drugs that make radiation more effective)
  • Applications of nanotechnology to treat brain tumors

Other research involves neuro-imaging. Neuroimaging studies by members of the Neuro-oncology Program at University of Michigan in recent years have addressed the following:

  • MRI diffusion studies to evaluate treatment response
  • MRI diffusion studies to evaluate tumor edema
  • MRI diffusion studies to evaluate radiation effects on brain
  • MRI spectrosopy to distinguish tumor regrowth from radiation effects
  • PET (positron emission tomography) to establish tumor diagnosis
  • PET to evaluate tumor aggressiveness and treatment response
  • PET to evaluate drug delivery to tumors

Clinical trials are described on another page.

Some of our research and educational activities related to brain tumors are supported by our Brain Tumor Research Fund. We urge you to consider donating to this fund to support these aspects of our mission.

How you can help brain tumor research

Checks can be made out to Brain Tumor Research Fund and mailed to:
Brain Tumor Research Fund at the University of Michigan
c/o Larry Junck, M.D.
1914 Taubman Center, #5316
University of Michigan Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0316

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