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A Message From Our Director (Summer, 2012)

Welcome to the summer edition of the U-M cancer e-newsletter. As usual, the last few months have been busy and exciting here at the Comprehensive Cancer Center! I'm pleased to be able to share some of the ways that U-M researchers are making great strides in understanding, diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer.

Max S. Wicha, M.D.
Max Wicha, M.D., Director of the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center

A team of U-M scientists has recently shown that kidney cancer patients who had only their tumors removed had better survival than those who had their entire kidneys removed. By diving into the data and uncovering new evidence, the study may help doctors and patients make important treatment decisions.

In this issue you'll also read about how a new targeted therapy may, in combination with standard chemotherapy, help defeat pancreatic cancer. You'll find a story about a U-M-led team that showed antidepressants can help relieve pain from chemotherapy. And one about how U-M researchers uncovered valuable new insights into why some cancers metastasize to bone, which could eventually result in metastasis-prevention drugs. We're also very proud to include an article about two members of the UMCCC community who have received recognition for their contributions and commitment to cancer care at the national and state levels.

Additionally, you can read about the incredible success of our Women's Football Academy event this summer, which raises money in support of programs that provide services to cancer patients that are usually not covered by insurance companies - from counseling services to money for gas to get to and from appointments. These women, from different parts of the country and different walks of life, came together not just to scrimmage on the field of the Big House, but to show their dedication to helping the UMCCC do everything we can to treat the whole patient and not just their cancer.

Please remember, none of the advancements you'll read about in this issue would be possible without the support of people like you. On behalf of the entire cancer community at U-M, thank you for your continued interest in our work and your support of our mission.

Together, we are conquering cancer.


Max S. Wicha, M.D.
Director, University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

P. S., We'd like your feedback on this newsletter. Please send questions or comments to

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