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Warm Fuzzies

preparing to give away a 'warm fuzzy'

"Warm Fuzzies" -- Fleece Blanket Project Providing Warmth and Comfort to Cancer Patients

Since 2001, community groups and individuals have made and donated thousands of colorful fleece blankets to patients receiving chemotherapy at the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center. A Girl Scout Leader began referring to the blankets as "Warm Fuzzies" and the name has stuck ever since. The comforting blankets quickly became a hit with patients, both children and adults.

Cancer Center staff would like to insure that every patient at the Cancer Center who undergoes chemotherapy, cancer surgery or is hospitalized receives one of these wonderful blankets!

a 'warm fuzzy'

If you would like to help the Cancer Center meet this goal, instructions for the project are available in a .pdf document.

If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator at e-mail address