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Remote Second Opinion

Eliminate geographic barriers to access world-class physicians

The University of Michigan's Remote Second Opinion is available only for cases of known/suspected adrenal cancer. An in-person visit with one of our medical specialists is always your best option, but we recognize that long-distance travel may be difficult. With our Remote Second Opinion, you can obtain a medical consultation regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan by allowing our physicians to review your medical records and remotely interact with you and your local doctor. So, even if you can’t travel to the University of Michigan for an appointment, you can still get an opinion from our medical specialists.

Requesting a Remote Second Opinion

Due to specific state laws and medical practice regulations in the following states, we are unable to provide a Remote Second Opinion for residents in the states of California, Wyoming, North Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, and Maine. Residents in these states who wish to seek a medical opinion from the Michigan Medicine are encouraged to call 1-800-865-1125.

Step 1:

The process to request a Remote Second Opinion requires the cooperation of your local physician. Prior to initiation of your consultation, the following documents must be completed and sent to the Michigan Medicine fax at 734-232-9389.

  • Remote Second Opinion Terms and Conditions [pdf] This form must be read completely and signed to ensure that you understand the risks and limitations of the remote second opinion service.
  • Consultation Request Form [pdf] This form must be signed by a local physician who is managing your care. Since you are not physically being evaluated and treated at the University of Michigan through the Remote Second Opinion process, the medical specialists at the University of Michigan must confer with and provide documentation of the consultation findings to your local physician.
  • The cost for the Remote Second Opinion is required in full prior to initiation of service. The University of Michigan will not bill your medical insurance for the remote second opinion service. The accepted means of payment is credit card only. The cost for this service is $900.00 (US dollars) and involves a multi-specialist review of medical records, radiological images and pathological specimen and/or reports. Upon receipt of the Credit Card Authorization Form [pdf] (along with the signed Terms and Conditions document and the Consultation Request Form you will be contacted by a Michigan Medicine Patient Call Center Representative to obtain payment information and complete the billing process.
  • Patient Demographic Information Form [pdf] - This document contains personal information that is required to facilitate the consultation.

Step 2:

Once the consultation request documents are received, you will be contacted by a Remote Second Opinion Coordinator to arrange for receipt of the medical records and other health information that is necessary to conduct the medical opinion. The required medical record information and forms will include:

  • The most recent medical record information [pdf] regarding your condition.
  • Request for outside records [pdf] which allows Michigan Medicine to obtain health information to facilitate the consultation.
  • Health Questionnaire [pdf].
  • Family and Friends Form [pdf] to allow family members and/or friends to be involved in verbal discussions regarding your health care.
  • Pathology slides and reports.

Step 3:

When all of the required medical information regarding your condition is received, the consultation will begin. The consultation includes an in-depth review of your medical records and health information, a phone conversation with a member of the clinical team and a formal, written review of the medical consultation findings and recommendations. The Remote Second Opinion is designed and bound to a "one time only" consultative agreement. Once an opinion is rendered and discussed - longitudinal engagement requires an in-person visit to the Endocrine Oncology clinic.

If you would like additional information about the Remote Second Opinion Program, please call the Cancer AnswerLine at 1-800-865-1125.

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