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Mind, Body and Side Effects

Music therapy helps relieve anxiety, emotions of cancer diagnosis

One day Gisele Bigras was a college student finishing up another year of school. The next day, she was a cancer patient faced with having one of her fingers removed.

Reducing the Swelling

New laser therapy among treatment options for lymphedema

Finding the Right Help

Tips for seeking out complementary therapy providers in your hometown

Quality Control

New Symptom Management and Supportive Care Clinic helps patients improve quality of life

More Nature Tips

Get your daily dose of nature.

Creative Control

Art therapy offers artistic freedom and empowerment to people with cancer

The Next Generation

It's a frustrating fact: Preserving fertility for women who face cancer treatments that damage their reproductive organs is much more complicated than it is for men. But the options are slowly expanding for women who would like to build families after treatment.

Keeping Up Appearances

When cancer changes your looks, the makeover starts inside

Tired of Being Tired?

Cancer Center's Symptom Management and Supportive Care Clinic helps patients fight fatigue and other side effects of treatment

Help In Healing

Wounds are a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatments. Chemotherapy or oral drugs can cause skin toxicities like rashes and dry skin that can be uncomfortable and bothersome to patients. Certain cancers develop tumors underneath the skin that can break down, leak and cause unpleasant odor and infection.