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Connect with the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center on Facebook, Twitter and on mCancerTalk -- our blog!

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Heard about social media, but still not clear on what it is-or why you should get involved? Social media describes a way of communicating. Essentially, social media Web sites like Facebook offer tools to have an online conversation with friends, family and businesses. These sites offer ways to exchange messages, photographs and videos and to play games. To really keep the discussion going, we've also created mCancerTalk, our blog.

Why has the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center gotten involved? Because we've got a lot to say. Each day, we post the latest research news, tips for cancer prevention and advice for living well with cancer.

Here's where you can find us


mCancer Talk provides us with the chance to post timely, in-depth articles about coping and living with cancer. More than that, we also post about cancer research and treatment news -- and we also make sure to put in a healthy dose of prevention information. What's even better: mCancerTalk provides readers with the chance to comment, share their own stories or ask questions. Visit mCancerTalk today and see for yourself. Subscribe and join the conversation.


Facebook allows people to network with family, friends and businesses online. Once you sign up, search for people you know and send messages asking to be their online friend. People who know you may seek you out as well. Once you approve a friend request, you can post messages to your page-or wall-on the site for friends to see. You can also create online photo albums or post links to interesting Web sites or videos.

In addition to finding friends, you can choose to become a fan of your favorite organizations and businesses. That's where the Cancer Center comes in. Once you become a fan of the Cancer Center, you'll see our daily posts about the latest in cancer research, prevention and treatment.

Find us on Facebook now. If you're not already a member, click "sign up" and follow the instructions.


Twitter is a service that allows you to broadcast 140-character messages from your computer or cell phone. Once you've signed up, let your family and friends know to follow you on Twitter. In turn, you can search out people you know as well as organizations, businesses and celebrities that you'd like to keep up with.

To receive news about the Cancer Center, follow our Twitter feed. You can also sign up at Then search for U-M Cancer Center and click "follow."


YouTube allows people to view and post video clips. If you want to share snippets from your latest vacation video, this is the place to do it. Want to laugh? You'll find plenty of blooper reels. If you missed the latest public controversy, you'll probably find it here, too.

Universities, organizations and businesses also using YouTube for educational and professional purposes. The U-M Cancer Center posts videos about tips for living with cancer, complementary therapy demonstrations and the latest research news.

To share your video, you'll need to sign up. But if you'd like to view the Cancer Center's latest videos, visit our YouTube channel. Our newest videos are on the U-M Health System's channel on You can also visit our Cancer Research and Treatment Playlist.

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Fall, 2009