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Tap into the Power of Social Networking

Tap into the Power of Social Networking

Social networking can be a helpful tool in organizing assistance when you're dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Here are links to help you get started with three helpful online resources.

CarePages\ offers free Web sites to families coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. Patients can post updates about their condition, share thoughts about how they are feeling and share photographs via the Web site. This can be an especially helpful tool for updating family and friends without having to make many phone calls and repeat the same news.'s Universal Wish List

People register for gifts when they get married or have a baby. Cancer is a life-altering event, too-and one that can strain even the healthiest bank accounts. Consider creating a Universal Wish List and sharing it with friends. This service allows you to list products from any Web site: everything from laundry detergent to pricey dietary supplement drinks. Friends can purchase the items and have them shipped to you. It eases your financial burden and also offers family and friends -- even those who live far away-a way to help.

Coordinating the logistics of cancer care can feel like a major military operation. Getting to and from appointments, taking care of meals and handling the usual routine of daily life can set your head swimming. That's why we think is a Web site worth knowing. Users can set up a Web site and invite family and friends to view it. Members of your online community can then sign up to volunteer various tasks and activities. It's a simple site that will help you stay organized.

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Winter, 2010