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Winter, 2011

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Nature's Medicine

Spending time in nature may improve memory and concentration among cancer patients

Fall, 2011

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The Engaged Patient

The culture of medicine has changed: Gone are the days when doctors dispensed treatment with a paternalistic air. As medicine has advanced, patients have more choices about how they can approach their care. Combined with the vast amount of health information available on the Internet, patients are educating themselves and partnering with their physicians to make informed medical decisions.

Summer, 2011

Cover Story

Bone Deep

Bone health may be of particular concern for cancer survivors. People with breast or prostate cancer who undergo treatments that block specific hormones may be at higher risk of thinning bones. Also, certain chemotherapy drugs used to treat these or other cancers may induce ovarian failure in younger women, causing bones to thin as a result of early menopause and estrogen deprivation. In addition, steroids may also accelerate bone loss in both men and women.

Spring, 2011

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Steps of Hope

Cancer awareness walks raise more than money

Winter, 2010

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Focusing on the Caregiver

U-M research offers insight into helping caregivers cope

Fall, 2010

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Making the Most of It

New symptom management program helps patients get back to their lives

Summer, 2010

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Travel Savvy

Eleven Tips for Traveling with Cancer

Spring, 2010

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Paths to Healing

U-M's multicultural health initiatives foster understanding to help patients get the care they need.

Winter, 2009

Cover Story

Finding Hope in Science

Phase 1 clinical trials offer options when standard treatment isn't a choice

Fall, 2009

Cover Story

Most Wanted Supplements

Are They Cancer Killers or Frauds? What You Need to Know