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Summer, 2012

When Carol Rugg was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, her fiancé Richard Montmorency thought they'd gotten the "in sickness" part of their marriage out of the way early. Rugg fought the disease with Montmorency as her caregiver, an experience they did not expect to repeat as the years passed with no recurrence.

Cancer Center's Symptom Management and Supportive Care Clinic helps patients fight fatigue and other side effects of treatment

One couple finds U-M financial resources for cancer-related expenses during hard times

Association of cancer physicians provides top five tests and treatments to reconsider

A U-M cancer doctor explains a tumor board and how multiple experts help patients

Strategies for eating (and eating well) when you don't want to eat

Undergoing cancer treatment with chemotherapy or radiation often leads to diarrhea, a significant and unpleasant side effect.

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