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Treatment Choices

Meeting of the Minds

When other hospitals run out of treatment options, experts in the U-M tumor boards are searching for solutions. Here is just one example of how a tumor board reached beyond "standard care" to offer hope to two brothers.

Maintenance Therapy

For patients with certain cancers, maintenance therapy is an effective way to use an ongoing, less intensive program of chemotherapy to help lower the risk of your cancer coming back.

Pathology 101

What you need to know about the report that explains how your cancer looks under the microscope

A Change of Address

BMT, pediatric cancer care moves to new C.S. Mott Hospital

Charting the Best Course

10 ways to make better decisions about cancer care

There's No Place Like Home

Home-based treatments are a welcome option

Power in Numbers

A U-M cancer doctor explains a tumor board and how multiple experts help patients

More tests, not always best

Association of cancer physicians provides top five tests and treatments to reconsider

Who's on your case?

Quality care and the ideal patient experience

The Engaged Patient

The culture of medicine has changed: Gone are the days when doctors dispensed treatment with a paternalistic air. As medicine has advanced, patients have more choices about how they can approach their care. Combined with the vast amount of health information available on the Internet, patients are educating themselves and partnering with their physicians to make informed medical decisions.