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Multiple Myeloma

There is hope, innovation and support for those diagnosed with a multiple myeloma or any other plasma cell neoplasms

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer found in the blood’s plasma. Plasma cell dycrasias are other disorders and pre-cancers involving the same cell that causes multiple myeloma. All these blood disorders are treated at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Multidisciplinary Multiple Myeloma and Plasma Cell Dyscrasias Clinic. The clinic provides the finest in patient care through education, patient empowerment, clinical trial opportunities and participation with cancer specialists from other disciplines.

Our team of blood cancer experts has sub-specialty training so we can offer patients with multiple myeloma and other plasma disorders the highest standard of care and access to the latest therapies and drugs.

But multiple myeloma is unusual. The standard of care is changing rapidly because of abundant research projects and clinical trials that are extending life expectancy and quality of life. As a result, there are as many as 30 different options for treating the disease. In order to ensure the best treatment throughout Michigan, our specialists organized the Great Lakes Multiple Myeloma Working Group, an informal network with experts at other Michigan centers treating multiple myeloma. The shared goal is to find and bring the latest treatments and therapies to multiple myeloma patients not just at the University of Michigan, but throughout the state.

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To make an appointment, please call 734-647-8901.

If you would like to refer a patient, please contact our M-Line service: 800-962-3555.

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The nurses at Cancer AnswerLine™ have answers. Call 1-800-865-1125 and you'll get a personal response from one of our registered nurses, who have years of experience in caring for people with cancer.

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