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Sunday, June 4 Schedule of U-M Presentations at ASCO

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06/03/2017 - 6:45pm
Media contact: Jessica Webster Sendra734-764-2220 |  Patients may contact Cancer AnswerLine™, 800-865-1125

Nearly three dozen U-M Cancer Center faculty and trainees will be presenting oral abstracts or posters, leading discussion of new research or chairing sessions during the ASCO annual meeting, June 2-6.

Schedule for June 4

8-9:30am Nithya Ramnath, chair Old Targets, New Drugs: HER2 and MET
Location: Hall B1

8 - 11:30am Brittany Siontis, Radiation-associated vs sporadic osteosarcoma
Location: 11018 poster #341

8 - 11:30am Dean Shumway What drives overtreatment? Surgeon and radiation oncologist views on omission of adjuvant radiotherapy for elderly women with early stage breast cancer
Location: 562 poster #162

8 - 11:30am Daniel Hertz Is incomplete estradiol suppression during aromatase inhibitor treatment in post-menopausal patients with breast cancer due to insufficient systemic drug concentrations?
Location: 1063 poster #55

8 - 11:30am Evelyn Jiagge Beyond triple-negative breast cancer and African ancestry
Location: 1101 poster #93

9:45-11:15am David Smith, chair "Check" This Out: The Step Beyond PD-1 Blockade
Location: Hall D1

10:05 - 10:25am< Cathy Van Poznak Therapeutic Bone-Modifying Agents Location: S100bc

10:30 - 10:45am Mark Helvie Pros and Cons of Breast Imaging Technologies for Individuals at Elevated Risk
Location: S404

11:48am - Noon Jacqueline Jeruss Intersection Between Systemic and Local Therapy: Finding the Best Fit
Location: Hall D2

4:30 - 5pm Jennifer Griggs Post-Plenary Discussion Session: Health Services Research
Location: S100bc