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Sarcoma Survivorship Program

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Sarcoma Survivorship Program Staff: Denise Reinke, Sarcoma Survivorship Nurse Practitioner and Larry Baker, Sarcoma Survivorship Program Director and medical oncologist.

Addressing the long term health care needs of sarcoma cancer survivors no longer in active treatment

Your sarcoma treatment is over, but your journey is just beginning.

There are now more than 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States and close to 30 million cancer survivors worldwide. This number is expected to grow because of improvements in cancer screening and cancer treatment.

At the University of Michigan Adult Sarcoma Survivorship Program, we are dedicated to helping sarcoma survivors live their lives to the fullest after treatment. Survivorship is a priority in cancer care.

Our Sarcoma Survivorship Clinic provides comprehensive care to patients who have completed treatment for sarcoma. Our Survivorship Clinic team looks at the whole picture, including each part of your treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation), your medical history, your family medical history, your health habits, and your current physical and emotional well-being. We focus on any symptoms you may be having and educate you about the potential late and long term effects of your treatment. We provide clear directions for screening and we encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Regardless of where a patient was treated, our Program offers comprehensive follow-up care in our sarcoma disease-specific adult survivorship clinic. The clinic is open to sarcoma survivors age 18 years and older who have been off therapy for at least two years and to patients who are transitioning from pediatric to adult medical care.

The Sarcoma Survivorship clinic addresses long-term care for sarcoma survivors by preventing, or diagnosing and treating chronic illnesses associated with sarcoma survivorship, including:

  • monitoring the long-term and late physical effects of cancer and its treatment surveillance for sarcoma recurrence
  • screening for a new secondary cancer
  • assessing psychological effects (anxiety and depression)
  • assisting in the transition from a pediatric to an adult medical setting

After your clinic appointment, you will receive an individualized survivorship care plan, which includes a summary of the treatment you completed and a written plan containing follow up care and screening recommendations. The purpose of the Sarcoma Survivorship Program is to provide patients with strategies to optimize their overall health and wellness- now and in the future. The Program aims to provide excellent clinical care to patients while fostering clinical research that will lead to further advances in care for sarcoma survivors to prevent morbidity/lethality of chronic medical conditions and to improve the quality of life in sarcoma survivors of all ages. We are pursuing research to develop more effective strategies that can be developed to precisely identify sarcoma survivors at greatest risk for specific outcomes.

Survivor patients may self-refer to the Sarcoma Survivorship Clinic or physicians may refer their patients to the clinic by calling 734-764-2909.

Download and print the Sarcoma Survivorship Program Brochure.

updated: 01.2018