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Voices Art Gallery

Located on level B1 of the Cancer Center Building, east end.      Driving Directions  |   Floor Maps

The Voices Art Gallery was created in 1999. Inspired by the artwork of Merrill Shapero, the gallery was created to provide people living with cancer the opportunity to share their story. Mr. Shapero’s artwork was our first show, displaying 10 watercolors that journal his experiences as a hospitalized patient. These artworks touched patients, families, and staff. It was clear that future shows would offer a variety of ways to understand how cancer affects our lives. Through generous funding of FRIENDS, the gallery was built in January of 2003.

Learn about our current show.


The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC) recognizes the power of the arts in the healing process. In creating artwork, each individual has the capacity to communicate through various media the experiences he/she has been through. The Voices Art Gallery was designed to give the opportunity to individuals to share their experiences in living with cancer. The artworks chosen to be displayed will tell individual stories, inspire, encourage and educate others who are experiencing cancer.

If you would like have artwork you'd like considered for display, please see the Submitting Art webpage.

Watch the following video to learn more about the Voices Art Gallery

updated 10.2016