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Family Resource Center

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Mon. - Fri., 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Level B2 of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
1500 East Medical Center Drive

The Family Resource Center is now lending Laptops and iPads

The iPads come pre-loaded with apps, which are grouped in categories such as books, entertainment, games, health, music, news and sports. Patients can also access the Internet on either a Laptop or an iPad. Devices are disinfected and reset between each patient to remove any personal information.

To request a device or if you have questions, call 734-647-8626.

A Cancer Center library to help you make informed decisions and be an active partner in cancer care

The Internet can be a great way to conduct research, but when it comes to a topic as important as cancer treatment, the last thing you want is outdated, debunked or inaccurate information. How do you know when information is reliable or which websites to trust?

The Family Resource Center is a vital link between you and the most current cancer information available. Our full-service lending library is open to patients, families, caregivers and the public. We offer a complete collection of print, audio and digital materials on all aspects of cancer, including:

  • Information on specific cancers and treatment options
  • Coping and support
  • Discussing cancer with children
  • Survivorship issues
  • Nutrition information

You're never on your own at the Family Resource Center. Our library staff is knowledgeable when it comes to cancer information and can help you find what you need. You can also request a librarian expert search for more detailed and specific questions. The library also has great volunteers to help in any way they can.

In addition to books, DVDs and CDs, you’ll find pamphlets, brochures and information guides on a wide variety of cancer types and topics, models of the human body and recent cancer publications like Thrive and Cure.

If you need a computer, the library has 4 workstations for research or any other work you need to do. The library also lends iPads and laptops for patients and families to use during the time they spend at the Cancer Center for blood work, doctor’s appointments and treatment. This service is also available for inpatients and their families on oncology units. We also offer free copy and fax services for our patients and families.

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