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Cancer Center Education Clinic

To ensure that Cancer Center patients are informed and prepared for home-related treatment, the Cancer Center Education Clinic houses five nurse educators who meet with patients one-on-one to discuss treatment plans and any home care that’s required. The nurse educators give patients thorough training to be confident and able to perform any and all tasks required to ensure successful treatment.

image of nurse explaining an IV pump to a patient
A Cancer Center Education Clinic nurse explains how to use an infusion pump.

Photo credit: Edda Pacifico

The Clinic counsels patients on everything from continuous infusion pumps, caring for a chemo port, flushing a catheter, self-injections, how to read a glucometer, caring for wounds, education on fertility issues and more. Patients receive written materials specific to their treatment, as well as guidance to handle questions and issues that arise. In addition to education and training, the Education Clinic can assess other patient needs and make referrals to social work or the Practical Assistance Center for dealing with issues like childcare, paying for gas and other common concerns.

The Cancer Center Education Clinic works with a variety of home care insurance providers to coordinate coverage for equipment and services. In addition, Home Med Infusion, a U-M authorized provider, is another available option.

The nurse educators in the Cancer Center Education Clinic will also provide an orientation by phone prior to the initial visit to the infusion area, answering questions about what to expect, what to bring along, who may accompany the patient for the infusion appointment, pharmacy procedures, parking and transport specifics. During this phone consultation, the nurse will also review what medical records will be needed, making the first infusion treatment as efficient as possible.

The consultation in the Cancer Center Education Clinic can be scheduled by a doctor or nurse on the patient's care team during your clinic visit prior to beginning chemotherapy. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 877-907-0859.

The Cancer Center Education Clinic is located on Level 3 of the Med Inn Building, in the Cancer Supportive Care Center.

Patients should park in the Cancer Center Parking Lot (P1) for appointments in the Med Inn Building:
Driving Directions

Internal Maps (includes information on getting to Med Inn from the Cancer Center)

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